Brian Lichtenbergs inspired DIY cage dresses

Last fall Brian Lichtenbergs designed a cage/bondage dress made only from elastic bands and a zipper. This piece of fashion was quickly adopted to the DIY fashion blog world and Queen Michelle from Kingdom Of Style made hers in October. The girls from Six Six Sick sewed theirs in February for fellow fashion blogger Susie Bubble. This dress is very easy to make, requires about 10-13 metres of elastic band and a zipper. It looks good in all kinds of styling. I´d love to see someone make this from multicolored elastic bands, maybe with different widths. Super job girls and thanks Brian for the inspiration!

Cage dress sewn and styled by Queen Michelle.

The original Brian Lichtenbergs cage dress

Cage dress by Six Six Sick made for Susie Bubble.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I made one of these with a thick royal blue zipper and a skinnier elastic, its hard to find things to go under it, but luckily I have a skintight vintage floral dress that is exactly the right length. I might make another one more Bordelle-esque like the one that Susie has.