The trashion stocking?

Pantyhose are a problem for an ecological fashionista. They are in most cases used only a few times before they brake and they are almost always made from polyester and such. I try to buy them as little as possible and concentrate on quality labels and thicker den that last better in use. Apparently some fashionistas have the same problem since they have started using broken tights. It has become a fall season micro-trend. I love that these people have been able to make it look chic instead of something shabby. If broken down black stockings have been seen on Paris Fashion Week and Sartorialist blog what´s stopping you from doing the same. Just pair them up with some killer-sexy heels.

Pictures via Sartorialist and Louise Ebel fashion blog.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. And the tights at the Rodarte show were also pretty holey. I'm thinking I can wear all my torn fishnets. Janavi

  2. oh nice! i've always been scared to wear nylons/tights half the time bcuz i'm such a boy that I rip and snag everything. this is a GOOD trend for me ;o)