Cape pattern by Ceregana

Oh my god. I just found an awsome victorian/steampunk styled cape pattern from Burdastyle. Isn´t this beautiful?? The pattern is unfrtunately only for size 38 (US10/UK12/JP13). Dowloadable free of course and printed out from your own printer. The pattern is made by a crafty Berliner Ceregana.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Great pattern, thanks!

    Blogged about you here, hope you like, I'll try to finish with the translation this afternoon, sorry it's in spanish yet.

    By the way, I read you every day, great artist!

  2. If only it was smaller :(
    I'm desperate for a blood red cape...little red riding hood much?

  3. Okay, that seriously rocks! I'll be putting that one away for next winter.