Fashion face off

Classic clothing design is... well classic. I find it boring even though I appreciate the craftsmanship of a perfectly fitting dress or suit. That´s why I´m such a huge fan of Mr. Castelbajac and Madame Rykiel. They just decide to have fun with their runway collections every time. Screw the current "trend projections". Behold the face-dress! Looove this. I´m so seeing myself at the New Years party wearing a similar dress with a giant drawing of my face framed with yellow wool threads or strips of fabric as hair. Narsistic? Or just harmless DIY fun? You decide.

Sonia Rykiel SS2009 collection

And what about this dress by Sonia Rykiel? Works for me. Maybe some sort of neckstraps need to be added so your hands are not tied up all night...

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I can so see you in a face dress!