High waisted high fashion mens suit recon

High waisted pants are just adorable. They are perfect for fall (and winter) and they complement several types of looks from Steampunk glam to ladylike and office chic. Annie Butterfly found these pants on Ebay. I´ve been playing with the idea to buy a secondhand suit and transforming it to this kind of pants. I finally found my model to go for. First the upper part of the pants (just below the front zip slit) need to be drawn and cut out diagonally (remember to leave a wide 2 inch allowance). Mens suit pants usually have two to four pleats on front which can be adjusted to fit your bodysize regardless of what waistsize the original pant is. The waist bit is then cut from the suit jacket bottom, fitted to your waist and them sewn to the pant. More buttons should be added to the front help keep the waist fit better. Altering the pant hem is of course optional. I would leave it long. Sounds simple, but this sort of suit recon does require some pattern altering skills so I would not recommend it to beginners.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. nice, but i guess its one of those things only skinny girls can wear...lol

  2. I disagree. :) If you just reconstruct the waist and leave the pant legs as they are (long and as wide as they are in the original suit pant) I believe the model will look great also in larger sizes. I´m a size 14/16 with 31"32" inch waist and I definately would wear this style with a pair of heels and rock it!! :D