Penny necklaces by Fancy Pony Land

You know when you put a small coin on railway rails and a train drives over them they become smoth and flat. Fancy Pony Land has made a beautiful jewelry collection from pennys using this method. Coins have been used in traditional dressing in many cultures for centuries. A coin-treatment like this would look amazing sewd on to a dress.

Traditional Nepalese coin jewelry

Persian styled coin jewelry

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Quite beautiful, and the train idea is just so bizarre & great.

  2. this is awesome.. such a great idea!

  3. In the United States putting pennies on tracks is illegal. A friend of mine almost got arrested for doing so. I guess this means if you want to do it, do it somewhere rural, and not right by a crossing (which is where she was). The law officer told her, though, that part of the reason it is illegal is that pennies can fly out from under the wheels of trains and can be lethal weapons as such. So don't be too close while the train is crossing. Problem is, according to my brother, who used to do it when he was a kid, it's often hard to find them afterward. A metal press is a more reliable way to do it. We had one in the jewelry class i took in college.