Fashion bloggers love DIY and DIY loves them.

DIY harness dress

As you might have noticed from your favorite fashion blogs, DIY fashions have become an important part of their wardrobe and look. Before we used copy the hottest looks from movie stars and rock stars in magazines (I´m sure some of us still do....) but the times are changing. By creating your own fashion you are able to get unique pieces or catwalk looks (right after the collection has been presented, even before the clothes arrive to the stores). A lot of times I hear people telling me they would sew and do more crafts if they knew how.. Excuses excuses. Wearing DIY and handmade does not mean you have to everything yourself! Make what you can, buy secondhand from vintage stores and handmade from websites like Etsy or Smashing Darling. Sustainable fashion has never looked better.

The queen of DIY dressing up, Michelle from Kindom of Style is featuring many handmade items in her blogposts and daily outfits. She is living proof that handmade looks gorgeous. She has made a lot of them herself but she also wears stuff made by others. I adore her style. Check out some of the DIY projects on Kindom of Style and get inspired. DIY is the new luxury, if you ask me. Less talk and more unique talent.

Rodarte inspired knit leggins.

Fringe dress

Leggins by Queen Michelle.

Frame necklace by Elizaveta (at Etsy).

Slasher t-shirt

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I Love your blog! I am adding you to my "Blog Posse!"

  2. Love the looks here!!!!! ...and thank you for the shout out!