Nelliina´s sewing room

Nelliina is a fellow finn that has loads of cool sewing projects in her fashion blog (the category is called ompelu. Her recent projects have been about adding zips to her wardrobe. I think this leather skirt recon for example is amazing. I swear I´ve seen this skirt in my fall issues of Vogue magazine, but the label has slipped my mind.. In any case fab work girl! I´m going to do the same when I get my sewing machine back..

Photos via Sartorialist and Nelliina´s blog.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. just gorgeous. I also recall seeing this in a few places, if I find out the label, I'll let you know. I would definitely try this one out.

  2. That is really stunning - I wish I had the skills to sew something like that myself!

  3. The label is Maison Martin Margiela and they've made a couple of fabric versions of this skirt too :)
    I just made a skirt like that myself, but from scratch. I just need to get a decent photo of it, then i'll blog it. Btw, I love your blog! You're such an inspiration.