Raggedy rags to quirky couture?

If you´re into steampunk or refashionioning knitwear, you need to go and see RaggedyRags collection. It´s a sustainable and re-do clothes brand that has two collections: casual wear (reconstructed knitwear) and Quirky Couture, their victorian/burlesque/steampunk styled period costume line. I love their victorian stuff, like the knitwear collection, but the brand name... Quirky Couture would maybe sound more craftsmanlike. Also, if your brand is doing victorian styled garments, post some pics to sites and flickr galleries related to steampunk fashions. They could be your new customers! Brands that make and sell steampunk styled clothing online are still only a few. Etsy is also a great place to sell couture pieces, especially with the steampunk and victorian tags. It will reach way more people than the webshop on your own site. Just a suggestion...

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Fantastic, thanks for sharing these talented people! So glad to see the growing tribe of trashion warriors.

  2. I´m sure there is still many out there undiscovered. I just need to find them :D