Headgear by ToySurprice

Fascinators... Making some this weekend and propably a new tutorial to match. Fascinators just top any outfit. They are quick to make with little material so you are able to create multiple pieces to suit any outfit. You can use anything from fabric scraps and ribbons to plastic flowers, feathers and small toys. If you have not done this kind of headgear for yourself yet I strongly advice to do so soon. They are THE thing now. Toy Surprise aka Human Marionette is a grafty gal from Hollywood that shares my love for fascinators and dress-up parties. I love her style, that is a mix of steampunk, goth, circus, pirate fashions and victorian influences. Her latest project has been creating hair accessories from feathers, metal knick-knacks and scraps of fabric. Aren´t they beautiful?

Aqua brass space piratey fascinator:

Outi Les Pyy

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