DIY underwear

Photo from SwanDiamondRose.

Outerwear and accessories are not the only thing a crafty fashionista can make. They also do underwear. Old tees, silk scarfs and secondhand underwear slips and night gowns make exellent material to make stylish trashion undergarments. Panties for example are relatively easy to make since they are constructed from one to three pieces and don´t require a lot of material. They can be decorated with left over ribbons, ruffles, appliques or just left plain. And don´t just make them low-waist, the retro high waisted models look quite hot also.

Silk culottes made from recycled scarfs by Mimiama.

Retro styled ruffle briefs by Hopeless.

Sweeney Todd panties by Cherry Pie Punk.

Recycled jersey briefs by Backwards.

High waisted jersey knickers by Twinsyndrome.

T-shirt panties by Hot Tea Apparel.

T-shirt underwear from Super Naturale with pdf-pattern downloads
MarmaDaisy panties tutorial
Crafster panties tutorial by Cheera
Panties pattern maker at Leena´s
Hanty Panty patterns and how-tos
T-shirt panties by Carinalou at Crafster
Boxers pattern on Threadbanger

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Thank you for featuring my undies! Love the blog!

  2. Love the first one! :)