Denim jacket recon idea from McQ

Faded light blue denim jackets are not fashionable. Well they could be, but the only time I see them beign worn are by smudgy Finnish 40something men who pair them up with matching denims, a beerbelly, dirty hair and sailing shoes. They´ve been propably wearing the same outfit since 87´. If you´ve heard of Matti Nykänen, you know the look I´m talking about... After this image of a crime agaist style and good judgement I´m so happy find something that makes the exeption to the rule. I found this McQ hooded denim vest in Shophousingworks´s Flickr photos yesterday. First I thought it was just a denim vest worn over a gray shortsleeved hoodie, but it is one piece. Here´s something that you can do by refashioning an old 80´s denim jacket by sewing it over a hoodie. Seeing this makes me want to give light blue denim jackets a new chance. Thank you Alexander!

Top image from McQ wesite:

Outi Les Pyy

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