BurdaStyle Recycle mini challenge!

The BurdaStyle Mini challenge is back but with a twist! Starting today Sunday the 12th of October you have 2 weeks to make and upload your creation to the site for a chance to win some special secret sewing treats and BurdaStyle goodies! And the twist? Your creation MUST be recycled. You may use any patterns, how-to’s or techniques featured on the BurdaStyle site.


• You need to be a registered member of BurdaStyle.com to take part.
• Your creation MUST be recycled.
• You must upload your creation into the ‘Mini Challenge’ category by Sunday the 26th of October.
• When you upload your creation you must give a detailed description of how you made your creation, the patterns, how-to's or techniques you used, materials you used and how it was recycled etc.
• Show us your ‘before’ materials in a photograph.

The mini challenge will be judged by you the members. Voting will start on Tuesday the 28th of October, more details about how to vote will be given at a later date. When voting you should take the following into consideration:

• Creativity.
• Wearability.
• Skills and techniques used.
• Best use of recycled materials.
• And of course your favourite!
• You can vote once only.

This is going to be fun!!! Are you up for the challenge?

Outi Les Pyy

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