Valentines lace bowtie

marwood lace bowties 2

Hot summer trend tip coming your way! Susie Bubble posted about Marwood neckwear and how they have a cuter-than-baby-bunnies male/unisex accessory in their latest collection, lace bowties. Aawwww. BurdaStyle has a free pattern and instructions on how to make one yourself. Sartorial goodie for your babe on Valentine's Day?

marwood lace bowties.jpg_effected-001

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. cool idea,i was thinking at crocheting a bow tie!

  2. I make bowties collection for 3 years now using vintage fabrics, leftovers , or old dead stock rolls of fabrics from high designers.

    Most bowties are unique or very limited edition because of the rarity of the fabric.

    I did some bows mixing gros grain and zips ;)

    Have a look