Slit to the max

DIY Ann Demeulemeester maxi slit skirt

Long jersey maxi skirt + leather (real/faux) leggins + scissors + high heels = DIY Skirt Ann Demeulemeester SS2011 collection inspired masterpiece.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. mhm, I don't like this one really.
    But in general I like your blog very much and are highly inspired by your DIY stuff!! I think trashion should become much more popular, as it is ecofriendly and fun :)

    cheers from

  2. Haha, and what I actually wanted to say - and forgot - you're featured in my latest post on

  3. Ja mistä oi mistä minä saan nuo kollaasissasi esiintyvät kengät? Nuo soljelliset ihanuudet siis?

  4. Nappasin kenkien kuvan täältä :)