Mango and Not Just A Label are looking for new talent!

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Mango and Not Just A Label are looking for new talent!

"NOT JUST A LABEL is delighted to introduce its new collaboration with iconic Spanish brand, MANGO. For this year’s ‘El Botón’ - MANGO Fashion Awards (MFA), the two fashion staples have teamed up to help young designers build their collections and gain recognition for their hard work. NOT JUST A LABEL (NJAL), the leading global directory for emerging fashion designers, will direct the participants and offer its support by being the liaison between MFA and the designers. By helping them gain exposure, NJAL will supervise the competitors, as one designer is chosen to receive the internationally renowned and ample prize by a prestigious panel.

With the needed expertise in discovering young talent, NJAL will collaborate with MFA to promote and support the contestants and finalists, giving them direction. The highly reputable award, recognised for being one of the most important and generous in the world, gives one deserving designer the financial support needed to further their collections. With MFA’s prize of €300,000, this Award is the largest sum offered to date in a competition of this type.

NJAL insists that each of the ten finalists will receive €18,000 from MANGO, which covers all production costs for the collections being judged. Because the interests of the designers are always put first, MFA and NJAL are happy to announce that throughout this competition, there will be no transfer of intellectual property rights and designers will retain ownership of all designs produced. Sharing such high standards means guaranteed excellence. NJAL is pleased to be the official partner and backbone for the launch as well as the application process for next year’s ‘El Botón’, giving MANGO the opportunity to communicate, interact and collaborate with over 5,000 fashion designers from around the world.

NJAL is excited to connect young designers with such an important competition. Collaborating with MFA is a significant step in NJAL’s progression and furthers their ongoing support for new talent. The online platform is proud to represent a competition that genuinely helps these young designers, and that understands what struggles a designer must overcome to reach success.

Supported by Central Saint Martins, Institut Français de la Mode, Istituto Marangoni, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and l’Escole Superior de Disseny, and following an impressive judging panel including Valentino, Oscar de la Renta and Jean Paul Gaultier, the MFA will launch its 4th edition, announcing a new panel in the spring, 2011. The new registration period will commence on 15 February and designers will have until the end of July to present their applications. Therefore, the latest date that must be stamped on the letter containing the applications is 31 July 2011. The finalists will be announced in mid-November 2011.

The MFA is open to all young designers who are under 35 years old. They must also have already marketed their collection (even if only on a small scale). Candidates who have not marketed their collection, but have had at least three years’ experience in the fashion industry may also participate in the competition, as long as they can provide evidence of this. To enter, applicants must submit their application form, CV, cover letter (max. 300 words), evidence of two commercial collections (ten outfits each), a written description of these collections (max. 300 words), a draft of ten outfits for the upcoming Autumn Winter 2012 season, and a signed statement, certifying that the designer holds all rights to the designs presented."

For further information, the full application requirements as well as images and videos about the past MFA edition's please visit


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