Heel condoms

Rodarte light heels

The Heel Condom.. I have to say the name might not be the best one for this accessory customizing innovation, but it is just that, a heel cover for your high heeled shoe. Puerto Rican designer Sandrysabel Ortiz designed these clever contraptions to dress up any boring pair of heels. I´m also thinking to cover up a destroyed heel. I love versatile fashions and these really help to make a pair of basic black heels change their look. Just think how cool it would be also to customize your shoes with the same fabric/material you used to make your clothes. The top picture is from Rodarte show, knitwear covered heels with a built-in light. I have no idea how the tech part is done but the knit heel looks pretty awsome. And if you have no need to change these from one pair of heels to the next just hot glue them on permanently with a gluegun!

Idea via Teacups and Couture.

The Heel Condom 1
The Heel Condom 5
The Heel Condom 2
The Heel Condom 4
The Heel Condom 3

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. it's so crazy, I JUST found these today and here you are posting them as well. What a fantastic idea really!!! Wish it were mine ;)

  2. thanks for the mention!
    teacups & couture

  3. These are so cute and such a great idea! The name 'heel condoms' makes me cringe a little though ;)

  4. Just blogged about these. Great idea, hate the name, hate the construction.

    My version will be waaaaay better.

  5. Even though you might not even agree with the name, not saying I do as well, but it is really clever. It's more memorable than "Heel Cover" or "Heel Slip" You forget those names easily, but "Heel Condoms" create controversy, and that's what people want. It's great marketing-wise, and the packaging is very cute. I love the product. It's also a great DIY project. I say this company is great for a 23 year old owner. She nailed almost every aspect of it.

    Missing Amsie Blog

  6. OMG these are awesome!! what a great idea - where do we get them?!

    Sadie x