Holy Chanel!

Chanel Summer 2011 9.jpg_effected

Lady needs to find a pair of leather gloves from the fleamarket and cut square holes to them! Jacket and shoes too..

But WHY isn´t any silver jewelry artist on Etsy making these fingerles chainmail gloves?! C'mon people! Somebody please make a pair (or just one!) and send it to one of the top ten fashion bloggers in the world. Guaranteed sales for the next year! Argh, sometimes I think crafters are just blindly making the same stuff they have been making for years and not following up on any trends that would benefit their product line and sales. I´m serious.. Make a chainmail glove like this and send it to me. I´ll put up your shop ad banner for 6 months, for FREE!

Chanel Summer 2011 .jpg_effected
Chanel Summer 2011 3.jpg_effected
Chanel Summer 2011 7.jpg_effected
Chanel Summer 2011 4.jpg_effected
Chanel Summer 2011 2.jpg_effected
Chanel Summer 2011 6.jpg_effected
Chanel Summer 2011 5.jpg_effected

Photos via Chanel.com, Summer 2011 collection.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. You can actually buy those chainmail gloves quite easily; they are called butchers' gloves because butchers wear them on their other hand so they don't accidentally cut themselves when chopping and butchering meat... ask your local butcher where he got his.

  2. love this post! wonderful.


  3. Sounds like you have thrown down the gauntlet. I hear you.