Bullet with butterfly wings

DIY David Coma inspired bullet casing dress LBD

David Coma has collaborated with Topshop with a small capsule dress collection. It is very beautiful but all I could think of was where to source two or three kilos of used and empty rifle bullet casings so I could DIY my own from a classic little black dress. The bullet cases cannot be sewn as they have no holes in them but they can be attached with narrow elastic band sewn to loops. Etsy sellers have some available but this projects recuires bags full of them, so I suggest asking a local shooting club for some. If I remember correctly they are a problem for shooting clubs as they are polluting the ground if left outside in the shooting range.


Outi Les Pyy

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  1. i didn't realize those "studs" were empty rifles
    we could do a belt too of would it be too much?
    i found this pic of a rifle belt

  2. so clever - love it!

    ps - adore your blog, just added you to my "craft club" section of my blog roll.

  3. I´m pretty sure David here used something complitely different than bullet casings, but I use materials that are recycled and used, so I figured casings would do the job just the same. You´ll propably get them free anyways.