2 in 1 t-shirt dress - Take off your clothes

Take Off Your Clothes double t-shirt dress 1

Have I already told you that I LOVE everything this guy makes? I´m so happy to see him make it to I Don´t Like Mondays. This t-shirt re-styling project of his for example is just pure genious. Two extra large t-shirts sewn together from the neck openings makes one übercool morphed 2 in 1 t-shirt dress. Made with only one seam (+ two more if you want the slevees to be pockets)! That is some amazing re-designing. The neck opening must be as wide as your chest, below bust. If it is too small, you can open it up a bit, by cutting it bigger all round. Notice that cutting just one inch will make a large difference! I´m sure the original dress has also other stuff done to it to improve the fit, but basically it is that simple.

Check out Take Off Your Clothes´s photogallery at Flickr and shop at I Don´t Like Mondays.

Take Off Your Clothes double t-shirt dress 6
Take Off Your Clothes double t-shirt dress 5
Take Off Your Clothes double t-shirt dress 4
Take Off Your Clothes double t-shirt dress 3

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Love this. I'm going to save up a couple grey or black t-shirts to make this.

  2. Oh, my, I'm in love with the shapes in this dress! I want one! :)

  3. want to make it out of two t-shirts with clashy patterns. or stripes.

  4. The first time I saw "Take Off Your Clothes" I fell in love! Genius concept and great designs! :D
    Since I cannot afford to purchase one myself I may do a "inspired by" version and post it on my blog :P

  5. Done it. I chose an XL-shirt for the botton and an M for the top to adjust the measures without having to cut any extra off. It turned out great. Now I´m thinking of making one from some different kind of fabric than just normal 100% cotton.

  6. This is freakin amazing!!!! Looks ultra soft and cozy!!



  7. Anna, i´m so happy to hear it works! :) Can we see pictures of it??

  8. genius! And so simple, it's beautiful! I want to try this over my spring break!

  9. I've made a couple of these, too. Super-quick and very easy with stylish results. I used 2 identical tshirts from the thrift store that had never been worn. Size L worked great for me. Definitely try this at home.

  10. This is fantastic! I'm totally going to do this... Now I just have to get hold of two oversized Tshirts that aren't being currently worn by my menfolk...

  11. wow! This guy is amazing! so unique!