H&M Waste collection

H&M upcycled Lanvin Waste refashion 2

Ecouterre reports, "H&M isn't known for its zero-waste philosophy—quite the opposite, in fact—but the fast-fashion retailer appears to be making amends with its latest collection, cobbled together from remnants of its earlier collaboration with Lanvin. Dubbed "Waste," the limited-edition lineup bears the stamp of Ann-Sofie Johansson, H&M's design chief, not Lanvin's Alber Elbaz, although discerning types will spot the remains of a zebra-print trench or rose-festooned frock in the scorching plethora of color blocks and harlequin diamonds."

Well this is a start.. A baby-step for the better. Now if only we could have more clothing companies recycle their waste fabrics and over stock. And not in just a few collections but all of their production lines. These actually would make a nice addition to the current colection as the colors and aterials match. But you know what would be best? That they´d hire some professional zero-waste designers (instead of high street names) and start making clothes that would not make waste in the first place. Or recycle their last season overstock to new recycle fabrics, produce more locally, reduce the amount of collections per year and over-production in general. That would make me a lot more convinced about their green policies than recycle collections.

H&M upcycled Lanvin Waste refashion 4
H&M upcycled Lanvin Waste refashion 6
H&M upcycled Lanvin Waste refashion 5
H&M upcycled Lanvin Waste refashion 3

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I will definitely try to aim for being a zerowaste designer in the future! Thanks for writing this great blog! You are a true inspiration!

    I am working on a project at uni atm, which is a suistainable fashion brief. I am doing a knitted (as my specialism is knitwear) lingerie/loungewear collection, and would like to involve beads/pearl/similar looking items. What do you reckon would be the best things to recycle expect old necklaces?

    I saw this amazing graduate collection, and thought this could be a really good idea?

    Another question: I have been thinking a lot of that I should try to get hold on wires from old bras, as that is one of the few things I reckon you can recycle. As I am aiming on working with lingerie/hosier/knitwear in the future I am just thinking of how I can make it more suistainable. Do you think I could ask people to give their old bras to me?


  2. A really nice idea!!

    ♥ Verena-Annabella

  3. Matilda, using old necklaces and vintage beads is good for a few outfits, but you need an alternate material if you require more quantity. When looking up recycled options for material, think about the desired characteristics of an item more than the item itself. I bead or pearl is small object, usually round shaped with a hole in the middle. This is what you should be looking for. Maybe you can make them from something else. Does it need to be very light weight or reflect light? In that case choose plastic, for example take a piece of foil covered food packaging and cut (or use a hole puncher) it to small sequins. Or if the weight does not matter maybe yo can use small metal nuts or fittings, anything small and shiny with a hole in the middle that you can find from a hardwareshore.

    Have fun with your project!!

  4. And yes, of course you can ask people to donate you their old bras! Just tell them what they are for :)