Balenciaga shirt vol. (another post)

W Magazine Steven Meisel March2011

Again I´m posting about this.. Sorry, but this just won´t leave my head. This summers Balenciaga collection had a new version of a plain white shirt that is just too amazing to pass. It has it all. An androgynous yet feminine look, sharp modern shape, infinate styling possibilities.. and most importantly it is DIYable. You can just leave it white and do the hem and sides ...or go with the full monty and spray paint, metal decorate (collar) and polkadot fabric paint it. And, if you look at the detail photo below, the painted leather biker vest is also quite rad. Take an old leather jacket, cut out the sleeves and paint animal prints with leather paints (available at craft shops). More the merrier, I say.

Photo by Steven Meisel, W magazine March 2011.
And Balenciaga Summer 2011 advertising campaign, also shot by Steven Meisel.

W Magazine Steven Meisel March2011 s


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