New wave felting fashions by Harlequin Feltworks

Oh dear. Just when I´ve been raving about the general boredom in todays felt crafters design level I find THIS at Kingdom Of Style. Harlequin Feltworks: Fine Felted Wearable Art. I´m speacheless... wow. This is the level of felt design should be! And as Queen Marie put it, because of a serious lack of funds (200$ in this case) I´m also now considering bank robbery to ba able to get my hands on these gorgeous pieces of felt art. Note to self: make a skimask.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I saw these on Kingdom of Style couple days ago. Absolutely brilliant idea! So pretty =)

  2. They're awesome. I can't felt and I don't have 200 dollars, so I can only dream... but they're awesome.

  3. These creations are BEAUTIFUL. I love them!