Fabric roses vol.1

Spring is all about flowers. I´m not a daisies girl but roses are just gorgeous. Roses can be made quite easily from fabric scraps, ribbons and leather. You can make either full flowers or just loads of petals. They look great on dresses and bags. Just one piece of advice. Three roses is boring granny DIY, but fifty is DIY couture. The more the marrier.

Inspiration, Fendi rose dress.

Machine sewed ribbon roses tutorial by Sewtakeahike that you can use to cover your dress with these kind of roses. Can be used on either fabric strips or jersey. Great way to create flat roses (exellent for clothes) from reusing old clothes as material.

Rolled fabric roses tutorial by Portabellopixie.

3D gathered fabric rose tutorial by I love 2 create. If you make the base a bit more loose and steam press the rose before sewing yu should end up with something similar to the Fendi dress above.

And these are just a few tutorials.. You can find loads more just by looking up "fabric rose tutorial" or "ribbon rose tutorial". Some of them have really tacky music playing in the background, so mute before playing :)

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. That first dress is BREATHTAKING! My oh my, I'm not sure if I've ever seen anything so gorgeous.

    I think I'd like to make a neck piece made out of roses, that might be cool! Thanks for the ideas, lovely!!


  2. wowww i'm looking at myself as an outsapop summer slave reader. what a productive summer this will be to do all of it! :)
    its the best! <3