DIY tights decor

Remember those Doo.Ri Fall 2009 sequin decorated lace tights? CocoRosa made a tutorial on how she decorates tights with pearls and lace cut outs. Gorgeous. This tights embellishing is not only a way to personalize your legwear, but use it also to repair and cover up broken tights!

EDIT I´ve been thinking of fashionable projects for Finnish coffee packaging (silver colored airsealed packages that can be sewn by machine). Use an paper perforator / hole punch to make trashion sequins!

Doo.Ri Fall 2009 collection.

Tight decor by Cocorosa.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Very nice =) I especially like Cocorosa's lace-embellished tights. And those Doori-tights with beads and sequines... Perfect. There is cheap black lacetights in HalpaHalli, I'm surely going to turn them into high fashion =)