DIY shoe decor

DIY shoe clips are the quickest way to make any pair of heels match your dress perfectly. Save a couple of fabric pieces when sewing and turn them into shoe accessories. Ribbon bits, leather pieces, plastic flowers, small toys, broken button earrings are also good. Nelliina made these lovely shoe accessories (and tutorial) by using clip-on jacket fastenings which is quite clever if you cannot find any proper shoe clips.

The real shoe clip looks like this. Available at A Costume Jewelry Shop, Gogoritas or 3rdrock.

Shoe clips by Erica Weiner.

Cameo and frill shoe accessories by Gemmersen.

Button shoe jewelry by Spintilyurdizzy.

Bow shoe clips by Ferociter.

DIY Lace socks from elastic lace fabric. Gotto make some for summer.

Lace up ballerinas tutorial by Janel at Two Seconds Notice.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Wow~! I really love this idea, nice tip! I think I'll make some with troll dolls on them, wouldn't that be cute!? lol!

    I love the lace socks, I'm searching for the perfect pair!!


  2. love them! Such a great idea to multiply your shoe wardrobe!

    I have that pair of red bows from Erica Weiner, and I wore them on my white thong sandals, they look great!

  3. What luck that I came across this today! I was JUST thinking of a shoe clip design this morning. I've never heard of these coat clip things, though. If anyone knows where to get them, could you please send me a message with a link or something?


  4. You can get them at

  5. EEEEK <Looooooooooooooooooooooove them all,