DIY Ruffled shoulders

Metres of garhered ribbon, folded fabric or unfolded fabric strips (with out finished edges) can make you some fabulous shoulder action. You can use basically any kind of fabric. Pearls and chains can be added for spice, maybe a few fabric roses in the mix just to keep things intresting. Here´s some inspirational ruffle play by Kate Towers. She´s also at Etsy.

Now doesn´t that old white sheet start to look pretty darn good when looking at this ruffle top! Some of the fabric strips used here (the ones closer to the neckline) are a bit wider than the others. This way it will create a more 3D efect to the garment.

ArtLab ruffless at Etsy.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. yes. i've made a few single-shoulder pieces in a similar way. really like this post.

  2. fantastic blog!! love reading it.

  3. just stopping by to day that I'm in looove with your blog!

  4. I love ruffles and they can be crochet as well... I make some