How to wear a coffee bag?

In Finland grounded coffee is sold in airsealed silver colored packages. The material is very durable, washable and can be sewn with a home sewing machine. It´s like wax cloth. We drink loads of coffee so this material is also very available and loads of crafters use it for recycle DIY projects. To me the Finnish coffee bag DIY is a recycling nightmare. Every recycling craft I´ve seen done from this material is just.. ugly. Totebags, wowen baskets, pot stands and other unuseful crap. I´d never be cought dead wearing one of those coffee tote bags. Yach. So I´ve been pondering in my little blond head for years and years now what the heck could Finns make from this material that would have some real fashion potential. The material is great, but the design just needs a complete makeover.

Then I saw this dress at Rack And Ruin. This is what I´m talking about! Is this the new more wearable coffee bag? Think Prada and Dolce & Gabbana! Coffee bags fold also nicely so you can use them to make origami decorations, flower decor or different sized strips, sequins and paillettes to clothes and accessories. When you change the overall apphearance of the material you keep the recycle potential, lose the "recycled looking" result and gain "recycle design". Plus your garment will have that delicious coffee scent that you love in Sunday mornings.

Traditional coffee bag recycle crafts.. As seen for the past 20 years. No more. Please...

Instead they could look like this. Pictures from Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2007 collection.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I made a small clutch from coffee bags using the basket thechnic. I turned the bags "upside down" so that instead of the ugly pictures the clutch had a nice metallic shine. I think it turned out quite nice.

  2. I´m sure it did :) Just turning the bags inside out helps because that way the finished bag will be in one color -> more stylish look.

    My point here was that instead of making the same projects year after year, this material could be used also for so much more! Maybe your next project could be a coffee bag sequinned t-shirt?! :)

  3. I checked Nina's website yesterday and when my boyfriend, who's a dj, saw this: , he said that it looks like a disco ball. He said "wouldn't it be cool to have a skirt that looked like a disco ball?, You know, a bit ball shaped and so?". I said it might be mighty heavy, but today on the way to work in a bus I remembered your coffee bag issue. One could make an a-lined skirt, fold the hem so that the figure becomes ball shaped and then sew squares cut out of a coffee bag so that the silvery side is on top. Or sew the squares before folding. Which ever is handier.

  4. That Dries Van Noten skirt is beautiful! Such a great design to make from coffee bags, even to a plain black/gray pencil skirt. Thanks for the tip :)

  5. I got another idea (in the bus again :). I'm planning to make a golf cap (aka driver's hat or flat cap) and I thought it would be interesting to make one out of coffee bags. That'd give a new meaning for folio hat... Anyhow, if you put the silver side on top it would reflect the sunshine away and cool the head in that sense and if you make some venting holes - just some cuts or slashes - on sides or on top it would help the cooling also. The material doesn't breathe so without the venting you might be sweating sooner than you can say "cat". Let's see if I get anything out of this...


  6. Another idea: wy not make spats from the coffee bag material? They would shine AND keep your ankles dry in the lovely Finnish autumn.

  7. I tried to make a harmonica cover out of yogurt tops (similar material to this one, I gather). Silver side up. I haven't finished it yet, though... Anyway, I really wondered why didn't anyone turn it the silver side up. It seems like the most obvious thing to do. So I'm glad to learn someone actually did.
    I also thing this could make fabulous jewellery...