Elle Project Blue silent charity auction

Barneys New York joined forces with Elle last month to create Project Blue, a shop-for-charity initiative to benefit the clean-water advocacy group Oceana. Eight designers, including Rodarte, Stella McCartney, Versace and Alexander Wang, were given a pile of old donated denim to play with. The denims were collected by Barneys NY. From this mass of acid-washed, mom-jean rejects, they were asked to create totally new garments, auctioned off on eBay on May 10th. The auction is closed now but you can view the Project Blue designs in the May Blue issue of Elle Magazine.

Bottega Veneta dress.

Versace dress.

Alexander Wang and Derek Lam designs.

Rodarte (check out the how-to by Janel at Two Seconds Notice).

Project Blue´s PR handled the whole event in such silence that only a handfull of fashion enthusiasts, blogs and websites ever heard about this auction event before it had all ready closed. As a result the Project Blue designer pieces were sold at staggering low prices. Here's a breakdown of how the auction fared:

Bottega Veneta dress - $306
Ann Demeulemeester jacket, tank top and jeans - $140
Stella McCartney jacket and jumpsuit - $306
Derek Lam top and skirt - $306
Rogan dress - $251
Versace dress - $321.01
Alexander Wang jacket & shorts - $305
Rodarte dress - $1,875

When I looked up the auction history, I could see that the designs were viewd only about 3000 times! It should have been 30 000... Lucky for the eight people that got their one-of-a-kind designer pieces at steal prices, but too bad for Oceana who collected a total of 3800 dollars for their cause. I wonder if these dresses will pop up later this summer for resale at higher prices on Ebay..? Hopefully Elle will not be discouraged about the end result and keep pushing for green fashion projects like this in the future.

Via Hint Magazine blog and BryanBoy.

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  1. The Rodarte dress is killer! What a great cause, too bad more people didn't participate. The winners really scored some great deals.