DIY necklush and Circle Scarf

In March I wrote about the wonderful neckwear that Necklush makes. Connie at This Old Dress made a great tutorial on how to make your own Necklush inspired scarf.

Connie´s DIY scarf.

From Necklush.

And how to wear it.

Also I totally agree with her on the American Apparel Circle scarf thing. Why pay 33$ for a round pieces of jersey fabric?? Do It Yourself people! I do like the fact that they have a "how to wear it" section with each item.

Photos from PunkyStyle, America Apparel and This Old Dress.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Hey, that's my scarf and me in the tiger mask!!

  2. Yup. People who make cool stuff, tutorials about their projects and let me know where to find them, usually end up here. It´s funny. :D Thanks!!