Laser cuts

One of the reasons I love working with leather is that it does not fray. This speeds up the sewing loads and enables you to make all sort of patterns using a carpet knife. The fashion industry of course uses laser. These dresses are by Iona Crawford. She works with organic fabrics and lasercut leather. It´s funny that I found her work on the same day that Style Bubble posted about this laser-cut dress by Ravensbourne College of Design & Communication graduate Kasia Bishop. Maybe this is an another DIY micro-trend in action. I love they way they both applied the detail in the back of the dress. Cuts like this can be made with any non-fraying material like PVC or waxed table cloth in case leather isn´t your thing.

More cut works by Kasia Bishop.

Slashes leather does not only work as detailing but also as the main material. These masterpieces are by Iris Van Herpen Summer 2008 and Fall 2009 collection. Her works are quite astonishing. Found via Tobacco And Leather, my new favorite fashion blog.

Outi Les Pyy

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