The new DIY bra by Dusty Dress

New DIY project from Swedish designer Misha at Dusty Dress. The elastic band bra, worn over your clothes. She first placed the elastics on to a dress form and the adjusted them on herself. We all have a unique body so this project can be pretty much made only as DIY. No one can really make these for sale because bras like this need to be custom made for a perfect fit. This bra would be the perfect thing to accent any summer dress or tee! Check out Mishas Etsy MishaMarket.



Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Wow - this looks amazing! Unfortunately i would look pretty obscene in one of these due to having larger boobs, i quite frequently wish for a smaller chest, things just seem to hang nicer :(

  2. One has to work with what we are given. :) For a larger chest I would try this project with a panel bra look. Hold on.. I´ll try to find some pictures of what I mean :)