UMO - Unknown Metal Object


When ever browsing through thrift shops and secondhand stores, look up the small metals dept. You´ll never know when you can stumble upon a bag of .. er. Something small and metally. Then you can make this. A knit decorated with hand sewn medium and large snap-on buttons. Forget paillettes! Small metal objects are the new trashion embellishments.

Photo by Zeb Daemen, via Ben Trovato.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. I wanna let you know about the BraChain project, which I think you should write about!

    They are trying to get into Guiness Record book by chaining old bras together, and as a result of this raise money to Women's Aid, Breakthrough Breast Cancer and Worcestershire Breast Unit Campaign.
    (If I understood it correctly they will also recycle the old bras later on) The event will be held the 31st of July in Worcester, UK.

  2. Oh! They're the back of buttons!

  3. I absolutely love this shirt ! This picture is featuring at my weekly BUTTON WEDNESDAY blog post: .
    Kind regards, P8ronella