OutsaPop favorite - Varusteleka


You´ve propably noticed the new banner on top of my blog page. Varusteleka is one of OutsaPop´s new sponsors. They are helping me with my upcoming book and we will be doing a trashion refashion workshop together in Helsinki later this spring at Recycle Factory (Kierrätystehdas). I wish I could show you some of the cool projects I´ve done for the book but you´re just going to have to wait for it to come out.

Varusteleka is an army and outdoor products store located in Helsinki and they one of my personal shopping favorites as I´m a huge fan of army surplus, both in my wardrobe and using it in my trashion creatios. I have even got many of my fashionista friends addicted to going there.. As I have hoped to show you in many of my posts army surplus is not just manly camo shirts, combat boots and back packs, but an inexpencive source of made-to-last clothes and accessories (and even home decor) that you can buy in bulk that can be used as base for refashioning projects. Varusteleka are now the biggest army surplus and outdoors retailers in Europe. They are notorious for their unconventional web shop product descriptions, famous for their huge selection items and superb customer service. You will have hard time finding a better military surplus store anywhere. And yes, they accept international orders in their webshop!


Outi Les Pyy

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  1. These photos are from Vogue editorials, but I think they represent well how army surplus translates to regular military styled fashion.

  2. Amazing! I love love love military style.
    I am glad it is still in & going strong :)
    Last season I got Rugby Ralph Lauren trans jacket with sculls and vintage flag patches in military green, I am happy I can still wear it ;)

    La Kat

  3. Congratulations on the BOOK! Can't wait for that to come out. Keep us posted!
    L & E