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I collect inspiration photos and cut pictures from fashion magazines as a reminder of ideas. This one I like not only for the mood and setting, but the fact that I need to remember it the next time I go secondhand shopping, because it has the back cut open. I love 50´s and 60´s box dresses. The materials are pretty, mostly cotton/viscose (easy to sew), colors and patterns festive and very trendy. But sometimes when I find them, the sizing is not right. people used to be different shaped back them, so usually I need to modify the shape t fit my own by taking it in from the sides and darts. But what if the hips and sleeves are just right, but the bust is too small. Of course I can let all the allowances out as far as they go, but maybe it´s no enough and the bust does not fit in right. I wish I would have seen this photo two years age when I was working on a dress with such problem. The solution would have been to cut the back open entirely! Maybe add a pretty chain to the top part to keep shoulders in place. It would have worked so well.

But stil, if the vintage dress you find fits nicely, you can still cut the back out. Sometimes vintage dresses need to be updated and refashioned just a bit to avoid you looking like your aunt or grandma, but still maintain the authentic vintage look. Maybe do a small, youthful looking slit in the front also, if it has seams goung all the way to the hem.

Photo by Benny Horne for Vogue Turkey February 2011.
Via Fashion Gone Rogue.

Outi Les Pyy

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