Ashish Fall 2011

Ashish Fall 2011 zipper back sequin dress

Agreed. This sequinned zipper backed dress in Ashish Fall 2011 collection is DIYable. The new thing to maxi dresses. I´d still make mine from t-shirts (turned prints inside) or drapey curtains. The back will not move or drape right unless the material is heavy and fluent enough. It sounds too simple to me to make this to a ready-made dress. Yes, of course you´re able to add a zipper to the back, but it will not look like this. My eyes say that the back bodice pieces in this Ashish dress are not the same shape.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Wow1! I really love your blog! :) it's amazing! Im following!

  2. What a dress! Small things makes the difference.


  3. The dress is amazing! Love to see the DIY version!