DIY leather clutch bag by StyleScrapbook

StyleScrapbook DIY leather clutch bag 1

DIY leather clutch bag by StyleScrapbook. Tutorial here.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Can you sew leather with a "normal" sewing machine? I bought a horrible, but really soft, 80´s leather jacket for 3 euros and I´m thinking of making a clutch of it. I´m just not that into sewing by hand.

  2. With most home sewing machines it is possible. You´ll need thicker sewing (denim) thread, a machine sewing needle suited for leather (triangle shaped tip) and a teflon presser foot, ecause the normal metal presser foots do not glide well on leather. I also tape Scotch Magic tape strips / teflon tape on the machine arm just below the presser foot so also the leather layer below moves along smoothly. Also the sewing machine setting need to be adjusted for thicker materials.

    But, leather can also be glued!! Try it :)