The Recycling Factory - OutsaPop Trashion DIY workshop in May!

Varusteleka army surplus made into fashion

Recycling Factory introduces ecological fashion and lifestyle at the Helsinki Cable Factory, Sathurday-Sunday 7-8th May. The event will be organized for the fourth time at the Helsinki Cable Factory on the Mother's Day weekend. The family friendly event introduces and invites to participate in ecological and sustainable lifestyle. Last year, the event attracted more than 7,500 visitors.

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The Recycling Factory has plenty of programmes, so reserving enough time for your visit is essential. Firstly, a number of recycling themed Do-it-yourself workshops engage you in creative activities. OutsaPop will be there with my own trashion workshop with army surplus shop Varusteleka, showing you how to turn used army gear into fashion!

In addition, more than 50 Finnish pioneering companies of the eco-design field sell their products. The sales items include clothes, interior decorations and jewellery made of recycled materials, as well as organic products. These products will be also presented in the form of fashion shows and small work demonstrations. Furthermore, this year we include the topics of energy, beauty and nutrition. You can also get your bike fixed into shape after the winter and learn more about how to live greener. Popular “Free of Charge Market” (Ilmaistori) operates on the principle of “bring & take”: you can bring undamaged and clean clothes, toys, books and other household goods and take with you anything you need throughout the weekend.

The Recycling Factory 7-08.05.2011
Open Sat-Sun 10-17
Cable Factory, Merikaapelihalli hall
Street address: Tallberginkatu 1, Helsinki
Free entrance



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  1. Good for you! Well done and look forward to seeing the results.