In the basket


This gal is dressed up in knits and some kind of perferated body armour. Guess what? The chest piece is made from thrifted vegetable steamer baskets. A few of them and you´ll have a knight or damsel in shining armour. Kinda costumy made like this, but a great DIY upcycle material nonetheless. And don´t just settle on making earrings, a fascinator or a shoulder piece would be a bit more fashionable GaGa-like project. You can always spray paint it glossy black if people figure out the original material. Then they won´t have a clue.

Photos by Jessica Klingelfuss, via Ben Trovato.

vegetable steamer basket.jpg_effected

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. that's great. i think i'll stick to steaming vegetables in it. but that's so creative. greets

  2. love the idea. also, tribal necklace would look cute too.