In any case. McQueen


Erica from Honestly... WTF? made a super chic small McQueen inspired clutch bag using a sunglasses case and a cabinet door knob. I first saw this idea at Studs and Pearls in January when Kirsten Gail made a similar project. These mini clutches have been spotted both in Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks. In any case the idea rocks and Kirsten was really a head of time and trends when she first made this last December. This is such a cool project idea that I just might have to make my own tutorial of it for my upcoming Trashion DIY fashion book. I bought a while ago some cool handmade bat skull shaped metal cast cabinet door knobs from Blue Bayer Design NYC. They would fit this project perfectly and I don´t have to go out to find any new ones.


Handmade metal cast cabinet door knobs from Blue Bayer Design NYC's Etsy shop:

Bat Skull Cabinet Hardware Skull Drawer Pull Skull Cabinet Knob cast metal Made by Billyblue22
Anatomical Heart Cabinet Hardware, Antique Bronze Made by BillyBlue22

Outi Les Pyy

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