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Anthony Vaccarello Fall 2011 3

Safety pins are a DIY classic. Large amounts of them (a small box = gross = 1440 pcs = about 25 dollars = you should own one) enables you to make a variety of non-sew details to your clothes. On way to use them is to make a garment slightly larger (or smaller) by making different shapes cuts on it and them pinning the gap shut with numerous safety pins. Style Bubble featured the new collection from designer Anthony Vaccarello, an upcoming talent. He uses loads of safetypins (and zips!) in his collections, but in a very subtle way so one might miss them if you don´t know where to look.. Watch the collection video below. When ever you see a metal colored diagonal detail with skin showing through, about an inch wide, it´s safetypins. They are placed so close to one another that it seems like a sheer metal ribbon. Of course the slit edges have to be re-enforced with a ribbon so the pins will not rip fabric.

EDIT: After watching the close-up photo a bit closer, I noticed that Anthony did in fact NOT use safetypins in this collection, but something else... but it COULD have been safety pins. Same same but different...

Anthony Vaccarello A/W 11-12 from Susie Bubble on Vimeo.

Anthony Vaccarello Fall 2011 2
Anthony Vaccarello Fall 2011 1

And that´s not all. Can you believe these pieces from his SS2011 collection?? I have no idea what the original material is in the knit-looking dresses and head pieces, but to me it looks like braided and chroseted plastic. And that lace worked leather top is giving me loads of ideas... Dude. These. Are. Awsome.

Anthony Vaccarello 2
Anthony Vaccarello 1
Anthony Vaccarello 4 black box
Anthony Vaccarello 3

Images by Morgan O'Donovan for Dazed Digital and Anthony Vaccarello.

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