shirley manson leopard coat

I was told yesterday that girls with leopard print coats get always rides in cool cars. So no matter what trendy people tell you, invest in good old gold and black. Photos: Shirley Manson of Garbage in leopard print coat. And I think those thingies she has on her sheer shiffon top (which IS trendy) are or they could be buttons. Aaand I just happen to have that exact same SEX-necklace. Yup, all set for next weekend.

Badass to the bone.


Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Hello, wondering: where did you get the "sex" necklace? I love it! (Thank you)

  2. Found it at a thrift shop! Can you believe it? I think the original (on Shirley) is made by Dolce & Gabbana in late 90´s, but H&M made a cheap version of it some years later. Sort of an grunge revival thing.