Oversize me

Carin Wester vintage leather clutch bag

How could have I missed this? Carin Wester is making stuff from recycled materials?! Damn. Loving this oversized vintage leather clutch bag I spotted at Paras Aika Vuodesta. Ok their website does not exacty say what does their "vintage" department mean. You know, if the clothes are refashioned, materials recycled or what. But that bag is still nice.. Again, I tired looking up Etsy for a slightly cheaper and handmade alternative, but apparently NOBODY is making oversized clutch bags or envelope at the moment. At least not from recycled leather. Big surprise.. Time and time over again I´m surprised and disappointed how fashion and crafting are steps apart, when they could be the same thing. Oversized leather clutch bags are a major hit now, just watch Tommy "Jak and Jil" Ton's Style Notes or any other popular fashion blog. Some people have actually been seen using fashionable laptop cases as clutch bags. Heck, I propably should do a tutorial on making a leather clutch bag but I´m swamped with work until my book is ready. Sorry. But the book is going to be fantastic, that I promise you.

Style.com street photographer Tommy Ton says oversized clutch bags are it now..

StyleNotes Tommy Ton clucth bag trend 2011 7.jpg_effected-001
StyleNotes Tommy Ton clucth bag trend 2011 1.jpg_effected-001
StyleNotes Tommy Ton clucth bag trend 2011 2.jpg_effected
StyleNotes Tommy Ton clucth bag trend 2011 3.jpg_effected-001
StyleNotes Tommy Ton clucth bag trend 2011 6.jpg_effected

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. they are so freaking uncomfortable. it's crazy

  2. There's nothing quite as chic as an oversized clutch and a hot pair of heels!


  3. I know what you mean. I noticed it too. Handmade is trying to be it's own thing and to get as far as it can from fashion and trends, but often ends up neither of those. I'm seeing it in my country way too often. It's hard to find things that can be worn by people over 16 and with any kind of serious job. I've seen some handmade oversized clutches here, though, and some other fashionable pieces.

    I've been working on a crocheted bag inspired by Stella McCartney's Falabella for a few days now and I've got a few clutch ideas on my to do list. I hope you find/make yours.

  4. I have been lusting after that blue clutch since you first posted these. I made a black faux croc skin (black though, no electric blue to be found) one yesterday, and am hoping to have a quick diy for it this week.

  5. Sorry, not the first you posted, but since this post at WTf http://honestlywtf.com/sightings/spotted-bags-nyfw

  6. You could easily recreate one of these oversize clutches by thrifting a pencil case + reupholstering it!

    I did just that very recently- will post pictures on my blog! :D



  7. Don't just tease with a tutorial! Can't wait until you get the time to do it.