Reader appreciation week

Here are three projects made by my readers. Great job guys!!

Zipper necklace by Mathilde at Notes on Becoming Fearless. See tutorial on Cut Out And Keep and at Flickr.

Lightning knit dress by Midinetti from Kissankehto. See the tutorial here in English and here in Finnish. The different knitpatterns work really well from the same color.

Diamante leggins made by Einari, a friend of mine. See the original how-to by Park & Cube.

Melted plastic bags by Salonkijuoruja. You can find the tutorial for this in English here and in Finnish here.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Wow, those all look great!! I love the diamond leggings and the ziper necklace of course :D
    I still would like to make the zip necklace, white looks really nice!


  2. thanks for posting my pics up! glad you liked it!

    Mathilde xxx