OutsaPop Trashion at BBC News Radio!!

Trashion is in the air! I had the pleasure this Sunday to give BBC News an interview and talk a bit about trashion, recycling fashion and DIY crafts with Jamillah Knowles from Radio 5 Live. You can read the interview at BBC News website or listen to the broadcast on Tuesday morning. A Podcast of the interview can also be found online. I have no idea on how to link an mp3-file to Blogger so here´s the link to the podcast :) PODCAST (My bit starts from 15:45).

I want to take the opportunity also to thank all you wonderful members of Trashionista group and my dear readers as it is you who keep spreading the word on trashion crafts and recycling. I´m so happy that I have found all of you and hope to find many more.

Take care and let´s not get the CPSIA, the current state of economy or anything else keep us from making (and selling) what we love, handmade things from recycled materials!

Outi aka OutsaPop

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. WOW! congrats on your radio 5 interview! At the moment i'm doing a recycling project at uni and you are the source of my inspiration! I'm making a dress made of zippers! Keep inspiring every girl!
    Rianna Bethany xxxxxxxxxxx