Excess leather piece jacket by Petteri Hemmilä

I adore this jacket made by Finnish fashion designer Petteri Hemmilä. It is constructed from strips and pieces of excess leather he rescued from a fashion studio. The leather pieces were pinned on to a dummy and attached and sewn individually. Petteri told me there are no straight seams in the jacket as the design is very random. This jacket is yet another example how the smallest bits and pieces of material should be saved and used to create incredible individual pieces of fashion. I´ve often wondered why clothing factories and design houses do not sell these scraps of fabric as bulk to eco-designers or donate them to non-profit organizations or community projects rather than dumping them to landfill. The materials are usually of high/good quality and I´m sure there are loads of eco-design brand intrested in buying them!

Photos by SUNHYE KIM.

Outi Les Pyy

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