OutsaPop Trashion column on MissMix - Knitted cap tutorial

My fourth trashion column came out in MissMix January/February issue. Winter is all about warm accessories so in this months issue made a berret cap from houndstooth patterned knit. Even though I´m a crafty and creative person, I cannot knit. For a long time I thought it meant that I could not work with knits. Recently I have bought loads of secondhand knits that I have cut up and sewn back together by either machine or by hand. A simple straight stitch is the best to make clean (non-stretchy) seam. Used knits don´t usually fringe very easily so you don´t necessarily need to serge or otherwise finnish the seams. I will release this tutorial in English soon to Cut Out + Keep craft community. MissMix photos by Mika Pollari.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Snap, I can't knit either :(
    I love your reconstructed knitwear, the sweater dress is awesome!

  2. Kiva kun jaoit tämän tännekin, kun en kuulu kyseisen lehden kohderyhmään. Hyvä ohje, jos vaikka ehtisi kokeilemaan vielä täksi talveksi!