It is mine!!

Hahaaa! It is mine!! I snagged this gorgeous secondhand 80´s pink-red plaid jacket from Nasty Gal Vintage webshop. Can´t wait to recieve it. I love Nasty Gal because their online store is super fast and easy to use. Plus all their stock is stylish. I´ve never been able to figure out the bidding thing on eBay... (unpatient blond). Oh well. You know it will take at least another month and a half before all the snow is gone and three months before it will get "denim jacket warm". A lighter winter jacket is just what I need. This will be such a splash of bright color on to my spring wardrobe. And there´s always fall... I can just see myself strolling down the streets of Helsinki in this jacket and my vintage YSL shades looking like an art gallerist. Fabulous.

Outi Les Pyy

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  1. Girl, I can't wait to see that on you. it will be MOST rockin'!