February DIY interior projects

I have found loads of cool recycled interior items and DIY projects in February:

Candleholder sconce project. DIY interior simplicity — just a candleholder drilled into a found object. A sconce could really be anything. For the best light and shadow, the material should be something reflective with an interesting outline and for drilling reasons, it's got to be durable. Thrifted silver plates will do the trick. Made by Anne E. Collins at Point Click Home.

diy project: Anneli’s rag pillows (with tutorial). Found at Design Sponge.

How To: Decoupage Your Ceiling by Mr. Peacock DIY at Apartment Therapy.

Tea set lamp by Vintage Renaissance.

Beelden Bouvers is a Dutch design studio, reusing surplus wool to create light shades. Found via Haute Nature.

These drawers were salvaged from the kitchen of a 1940s house that was demolished. Check out this how-to at Craftynest to find out how they were transformed to this funky modular bookcase.

Outi Les Pyy

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