Life in a blurry mode - Mikko Rasila fashion photography

I have this friend. Like me he wears glasses and therefore understands the beauty of seeing the world in blurry mode. It´s hard to describe it to a person with 20-20 vision. Watching life with out glasses can be the best inspiration. Lines don´t seem so harsh, everything looks softer and more unrecognizable. It leaves space for guessing and imagination. Shapes and faces change at one glance when you pass them. Get closer and touch them to see if it is real or are you dreaming. Lights in dim and dark rooms always get his attention because if you cannot focus your view, that only light is like a beacon in the night. So he takes photos, moments in life of blurry encounters in day and the night. Trying to show you the beauty and colors so many of us miss. And when he does find that focus, it´s always on fashion. My kind of guy.

"Shine like the brightest light."
Mikko Rasila Photography

Outi Les Pyy

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